Nursery / Childcare

Various Locations • 9:00 & 10:30am, Sundays
6:45pm, Wednesdays

Our nurseries are staffed by parents and volunteers who genuinely love children. All nurseries are overseen by a paid part-time nursery director. It is our desire to provide the highest possible quality of care for children and to create an atmosphere where they may feel secure and loved. In all nurseries volunteers are screened and we adhere to a two adult role rule to protect our children.

The health of each child is important. Therefore we ask that children are not brought to a nursery if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • a runny nose (allergies and teething are exceptions)
  • coughing, sneezing or running eyes

  •  an elevated temperature

  • diarrhea or vomiting

  • contagious skin rash

  • inflamed mouth or throat

Infants through kindergarten age children must be checked in and out through our computer system. Each family can be registered in the system in just minutes. This can be done at the Information desk in the lobby of the nursery. Information and pictures are taken of parents and children 5 years and under. All parents/guardians will have their fingerprint registered which can be scanned at any computer station to check in and out their child(ren). Check in/out slips are taken to the classroom. The adult pictured on the slip must match the adult dropping off or picking up the child. This helps to keep each child safe and insures they are allowed to leave with an approved adult.


Baby Nursery

  • Babies are divided into three rooms to guard the safety of our newborn babies and yet allow more freedom of movement for our active crawlers and toddlers.
  • Babies are never left unattended.

  • Diapers are changed every hour.

  • Volunteers wash hands immediately after changing each diaper or wear latex gloves. An instant hand sanitizer which kills 99% of all disease causing germs is used.

  • A small snack is provided for babies who sit up and have teeth.

  • All toys are sanitized and the nursery is thoroughly cleaned after each use.


Early Childhood Nursery (10:30am)

  • Parents of toddlers (18 months) through kindergarten participate in this nursery.
  • Snack is served to all children during the nursery hour.
  • Bible stories, videos, and crafts are used to teach biblical principles.
  • Outside play times are scheduled to give everyone an opportunity for large muscle activities.

Nursery Director

Becky Giffen