New Classes start in January

Monte Vista Chapel offers several classes and engagement opportunities each semester with the intent of helping you with some of those changes, especially changes that are rooted in your relationships with God and with others. If you are just exploring the Christian faith, trying to make sense of how your faith and your life connect, or looking for your faith to penetrate deeper into your person, chances are good there is something offered that will meet you there. With options for both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings the hardest choice might be whether you are willing to step forward and participate.

The classes, studies and engagement opportunities in the Christian Education Ministry (CE) are carefully chosen and crafted to give participants a solid and well rounded foundation to Awaken to the love of God, Engage that love in all areas of their life and actually Become an expression of that love to the world. As you read through the description of formation opportunities, listen for the Holy Spirit to give you the elbow that says “here is a place where there is room for growth in your life.” Then muster up the commitment and the courage to step in.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of all of the classes we are offering this winter.

If you are interested in any of the classes we are offering please contact the church office at 209-634-4935.