Classes only take a person so far in their faith. Scripture tells us that a faith that is not acted upon is a dead faith. These places of connection are for a person to practice, to deepen and to continue in Christian life.

Deepening and practicing intimacy with God

  • Space for God is a morning gathering offered a few times throughout the year for shared silence and solitude. These help people stay in the practice of listening and being present to God

Deepening Service to God and to one another

  • Street Reach is a Sunday morning outing to visit with homeless people that live in our community, sharing a cup of coffee and a few moments of conversation.
  • Volunteering is a natural and easy way to grow spiritually. There are multiple opportunities to volunteer at Monte Vista Chapel and with ministry partners such as Turlock Gospel Mission, Sierra Vista, and Prodigal Sons and Daughters.
  • Missions are a core component of Monte Vista Chapel and there are multiple opportunities to step into short or long term connections.
  • Choir and Orchestra are great ways to get involved with a group of people serving the weekend services together.

Deepening in Community

  • Base Communities are mid-sized groups (30 to 80 people) that gather together monthly to process their faith and to encourage one another in staying intentional about their growth. One joins a Base Community through a personal invite or by attending a Base Community Open-house that is held several times throughout the year.
  • Mentoring - MVC is intentional about developing people to be able to have emotionally, relationally, and spiritually helpful conversations. If there is an area of your life that you would like to find someone to process with, simply contact the office and ask for some assistance in making a connection.
  • Leadership Development -These are training opportunities for people to gain skills and knowledge about a specific area of mission. These areas include:

            • Mentoring and spiritually forming conversations for men, women, marriages
             • Small group leading and discussion facilitation
             • Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and community development for use in local and overseas
             • Healing prayer
             • Informal internships in MVC ministries

For more information on many of these Engagement opportunities, contact Nancy Rapp in the church office.