Get Connected

Getting Connected

We know that programs and Christian activities do not, in and of themselves, change lives.  In the end, real transformation happens through relationships – first with God, and then with a few other people who are committed to following Christ together.  These ‘life-changing’ conversations and relationships are God breathed and therefore, by their very nature, cannot be ‘programmed’.  The only thing programs can do is put you in proximity with others who want to follow Christ and create opportunities for those real relationships to grow.  So if you want to get connected at MVC, we want to caution you against waiting until you find ‘just the right program’ for you.  There is no such thing.  Instead, we encourage you to find something that will fit in the rhythm of your life and step in.  Commit to it for a season and trust that as you seek God, He will bring about those life-changing conversations and relationships in the process.