Summer Story Groups

This Summer, all high school students are encouraged to sign up for a Summer Story Group where they will have a chance to both listen to the current narrative of their peers’ stories, while also getting a chance to share their own.  Story Groups are MVC’s mechanism for healthy listening and healthy spiritual formation and direction; encouraging participants to both listen to each other while also listening to the Father.  Groups will begin the week of June 11, and end the week before school begins in August, and meet every week at the same place and time.  These groups are designed for depth, transparency, and authenticity!  If you’re not ready to dive into a shared story with your peers, don’t feel any pressure to join.  But if you’re ready for more, this is a great place to begin.

Click the group below you’d like to join, and use our new Groups system to sign up by simply clicking the blue button that says “Join This Group.”