Junior High

"If you're a Jr. Higher then you know that it can be really tough some times.
There are lots of things that can make life really challenging.
This includes school, teachers, friends, bullies and even your own family.
But, 7th and 8th grade can also be the best two years of your life.
The leaders at The Wrecking Crew understand all of these things
and we want to do all we can to make your Jr. High years
the best that they can be.
We want to help you find real friends
who will be there when you need them.
We want to help you deal with the tough things in life
by giving you advice and support.
We want to make sure that you have someone you can talk to
anytime about anything you need.
Most importantly, we want to help you get to know God,
who loves you completely and wants you to be part of His family.
Let us help make Jr. High a highlight of your life."

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Junior High Pastor

Vance Yarbough
209.634.4935 x316


Why We Do What We Do...

The Junior High Ministry of Monte Vista Chapel is here to help students find out about Christ, start a personal relationship with Him and to help them live totally for Him.

What We Believe...

• Jr. Highers are important to God.
• God can use Jr. Highers to do some awesome things if they let Him.
• The Bible is relevant to Jr. Higher's lives and should be the basis for how they live.
• It is normal and okay to live a life totally committed to Christ

What We Want...

The leaders here want The Wrecking Crew to be a place where a Jr. Higher can feel safe, accepted, and loved unconditionally (no matter what). A place where they can meet Christ, build relationships with others as they learn about Him, and get the encouragement and support they need to live for Him.

Where Are We?

We usually meet on the third floor of the Tower Building here on the MVC campus.