MVC Supported Missionaries

Tim & Brigitte Brenda

Tim and Brigitte Brenda have served in different countries with Frontiers for almost 30 years. Their responsibilities have included training, mobilizing, teaching and encouraging churches & individuals to share the Gospel throughout the Muslim world. They moved back to Turlock a little over a year ago. Now, they continue to serve with Frontiers, but are seconded to an organization called The Guild, where they come alongside others who have a burden for cross-cultural work here in the U.S., to coach, mentor and train. Another thing the Brendas do is to help w/ the refugees and immigrants in the area, as they are volunteers with World Relief and IRC. Their main goal is to link believers from different churches with the incoming refugees and immigrants that live among us. The Brenda’s have four children: Daniel, Hosea, John-Mark, and Davida.

Mike & Bonnie Burnam

Mike and Bonnie have been serving as missionaries since 1995 with WEC International. Their ministry to the Mexican Church has included discipleship, training, mentoring pastors and leaders, and church assessment. Mike and Bonnie serve as WEC Mexico Directors and Mobilizers for WEC Mexico. Mike and Bonnie have two children: Daniel, and Rachel.

Tom & Marti Chance

Tom and Marti Chance serve the Lord with Awana Clubs International as missionaries to Central and Northern California. Awana Clubs exists to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children of all ages. This is accomplished through teaching and planting the Word of God in their hearts. In addition to children, Awana Clubs also has a teen ministry for Junior and Senior High school students. Tom and Marti help churches in Central and Northern California to establish Awana Clubs by training leaders and conducting seminars and conferences. The Chances also act as Camp Directors at Awana Scholarship Camp in Oakhurst every summer. Tom and Marti have five children: Amy, Hannah, Karen, Renae, and Melinda and one grandchild.

Joe & JoLynn DiGrazia

Joe and JoLynn DiGrazia are the directors of Westside Ministries here in Turlock. The DiGrazia’s, along with a handful of staff members, specifically minister to children living amid poverty, drugs and gangs. Westside Ministries counteracts this with the love of Jesus and various programs, such as: Bible clubs, youth camps, teaching the arts, tutoring programs, college scholarships, after school programs and emergency assistance. “Westside Ministries is a result of Joe and JoLynn DiGrazia’s love for God and people. Because they believe God’s love is the fundamental need of every heart, they have loved Westside kids and parents. The result has been transformed lives.”

John & Marielle Dupree

John and Marielle Dupree serve with The Harvest Group. The Harvest Group helps churches mobilize their resources for effective involvement in world missions. In his role as Church Mobilization Minister, John travels extensively to coordinate and speak at many different conferences, seminars, and workshops. The goal is to help churches develop a global outlook and start missions programs. John is also the "Perspectives Study Course" Regional Director.

Dorsina Foedikoa

Dorsina lives and ministers in Indonesia, the fourth most populous and largest Muslim country in the world. She serves as a Coordinator of the Sponsorship Department at the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia (ETSI). ETSI strives to equip people that God has called to minister in Indonesia.  In addition to Dorsina’s duties at the seminary, she is also involved with various Bible studies held at her  home. Dorsina is a widow and has three daughters: Ina-Oba, Sara, and Rosemary.


James & Diane Gleaves

James and Diane Gleaves have served the Lord with New Tribes Mission (NTM) for over the past 27 years, most recently as the Regional Representative in the Midwest. Their mission is to encourage and challenge churches, Christian schools, religious clubs, and college students to be more involved in world evangelism - especially tribal missions.. James and Diane have four children: Luke, Tyler, Amy, and Shane.

David & Angie Kern

David and Angie Kern serve with New Tribes Mission in Brazil. Since 1997, they have ministered at the NTM School – Puraquequara (PQQ), located about 1,000 miles up the Amazon River. Both David and Angie teach at the school for missionary children, and David serves as principal. They also teach the Bible weekly at a community upriver from the school. David further explains: “We’ve been blessed to see several come to know Jesus as Savior at the Mainã community.” The Kerns have four children: Aaron, Aleah, Dayton, and Derek.

Manfred & Barbara Kern

Manfred and Barbara Kern served with New Tribes Mission in Brazil for over 41 years, where they engaged in bringing the good news to the Pacaas Novos people. Their ministry of church planting included Bible translation, education, the distribution of Bible lessons, and teaching in the churches, especially mentoring the indigenous pastors. They had to move to Germany in 2003 because of Barbara's health (kidney failure). Dialysis followed, and since her kidney transplant in 2011, she is now enjoying good health. They continue their ministry of Bible translation and lesson preparation from Germany. Manfred has made yearly visits the Pacaas Novos churches in Brazil, and Barbara can also accompany him now.

Stefan & Sharon Kern

Stefan and Sharon, along with their four children, have been serving God in Mozambique since 2006. Over the years our hearts have become moved by the realities of entire people groups who have no or limited access to God’s Story. Through our sending organization, New Tribes Mission, we are committed to coming alongside local churches with the goal of seeing maturing churches in all people groups!

God’s primary instrument for change in any society is His Church! This belief is something we anchor our ministry in. While there are many people groups within Mozambique who do not have a functioning church or the Bible translated into their heart language, there are areas of the country where there is a presence of the Church. In living up to our purpose statement of “existing to assist and support the efforts of the local church,” we are thrilled to come alongside the church in Mozambique in a discipleship way to help equip them to reach out to the least reached people groups of Africa and the world.

Irv & Nan Klaschus

Irv & Nan Klaschus live in Orlando, Florida with their two children Alex & Aimee. For many years, Irv has worked on the JESUS film project. The film has been translated into 1,203 languages thus far. They will continue to translate the Jesus film into another 865 major languages plus make special adaptations. Film ministry workers hope that the continuous development of new translations of the film will bring the message of Jesus to even more people in their heart language. They are currently working on a short film & episodic stories of an animé film to reach students worldwide.

Wilson & Mary Koppula

Wilson and Mary Koppula serve with India Community Ministries. Their goal is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are of East Indian descent. This includes Sikhs, Hindus and some Muslims. Between Stockton and Livingston, there are over 15,000 people from India, as well as six Sikh temples and one Hindu temple. What an opportunity to reach out to so many people groups from the 10/40 Window, right at our doorstep! The Koppulas take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by having weekly meetings, regular Bible studies in their home, and by providing them with a culturally familiar environment. At the India Friendship Center, Indians, Pakistanis, and Fijians can hear the Gospel through books, testimony booklets, and JESUS videos in their very own language. They also teach English as a Second Language, which help build relationships and provides a way to share the Gospel of Jesus. Wilson and Mary have three daughters: Karuna, Vandana, and Melanie.

Brad & Susan McFarlane

"Brad and Susan McFarlane working with WBT in partnership with Yajasi in Indonesia help provide aviation transportation to remote locations. Brad serves as an instructor pilot and Susan is a homemaker and also does some nutrition education. Their children Kelsey is a sophmore at Masters College, Amber is in the 12th grade and Taylor is in the 9th grade.


David & Virginia Morris

David and Virginia have been associated with MVC since about 1978. They have been missionaries with ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism) for 32 years and have served 28 years in Durban, South Africa. David has filled the roles of a church planting pastor, teacher at a Bible college, and administrator of both a Bible institute and a seminary program. Virginia has ministered to women and children and trained Sunday school teachers.

David is presently overseeing a team of 4 missionary couples from 3 mission agencies and a local Zulu pastor developing a holistic ministry to a rural Zulu community. Centered on an isiZulu language church plant, the team will be 1) working in the local schools, 2) providing basic health-care instruction, 3) creating sustainable income opportunities, and 4) caring for orphans and neglected children. David is an elder at their church, oversees adult discipleship, and carries the responsibility of treasurer for the ABWE field council in the Durban area.

Chris & Irene Okuna

Chris and Irene are Kenyans serving as missionaries in their own country of Kenya. They were called into Ministry from OC International (Africa Ministry Resources). In 2004 the Lord helped them start a ministry in Kenya through First Love Kenya the umbrella of First Love International. Their main focus has been- Feeding programs, Sponsorship programs for tuition fees, Guidance and counseling, Medical assistance, the.Baraka women's fellowship/project & a Children's home. They have four children, Corinne, Diane and Emmanuel and Pascal from Tanzania.

Bob Rasmussen

 Bob Rasmussen serves as the Executive Director of Near Frontiers whose mission it is to serve the underserved and bring the gospel to immigrants, refugees and international students in American cities. Bob lives in Seattle, Washington. Learn about his exploration on the “near frontier” at Bob’s blog atwww.NearFrontiers.orgor on Twitter at Near Frontiers.

Ministry address: 33411 40thAve SW, Federal Way, WA 98023
Cell: 360.306.0350


Phil & Ann Schwab

Phil and Ann Schwab have served the Lord as missionaries with TEAM in East Asia for over 40 years. The Schwab’s began a new adventure in August 2008. They now serve with Christian Embassy (CRU) in Washington DC as well. They are now wearing two hats: 1) directing their East Asia Team from a distance, and 2) participating in personal work and Bible studies with ambassadors and diplomats and their spouses in Washington.

Anna Lee

Anna-Lee serves the Lord in Washington, DC with Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW). She serves as an advocate to the US government to promote respect for religious freedom around the world, especially where Christians suffer persecution for their faith. It is hoped that US government leaders will bring enough pressure upon the offending nations to bring about reforms that will uphold religious freedom and protect religious minorities. In order to accomplish this job more effectively, Anna-Lee travels to many countries to investigate reports of persecution and encourage those experiencing persecution. In addition to her work in Washington, she is also the CSW Team Leader for research and advocacy in Latin America where she primarily focuses on Cuba, Colombia and Mexico.


Brad & Autumn Watt

 Upon their marriage in 2005, Brad vowed to support Autumn’s love for  missions, but was never in favor of going. Within four years the Watt’s  found themselves serving Jesus briefly among victims of trafficking in  Thailand with God whispering Isaiah 55:8, “My thoughts are not your  thoughts, neither are your ways my ways...” Back in the U.S. during the  pursuit of the American Dream, God continued to speak His heart for  “that which you’ve done for the least of these, you did to me...” (Matthew  25.40). After reading Little Princes, by Conor Grennen, the Watt’s began  a desperate search for Kingdom work within the human trafficking sector  and found Tiny Hands International.
 Brad’s role as Director of Border Monitoring with Tiny Hands International, in Kathmandu, Nepal, provides an opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission as the Watt family seeks to love God, love others, and make disciples among the poorest of the poor. When hundreds of girls are intercepted along Nepal's border every year, instead of being trafficked into India's slave trade, life becomes a little bit sweeter. Autumn cherishes her position teaching at the international school just down the road from their house. The Watt children, Carys and Atticus, also enjoy their multicultural experience of receiving an education where over 30 different nationalities are represented by students and staff.

Manuel & Sandra Zarate

Manuel and Sandra have served the Lord together as missionaries for the last 21 years since they married in 1993; their vision has been to ‘change those who shape the Spanish speaking world.’ For 17 years their work took Manuel to minister in over 30 countries doing evangelism, apologetics and leadership training through the local church. In 2010 they moved to their native land of Bogota, Colombia to establish ‘Vida Bogota,’ a church that would continue their vision in a focused and continual way. Manuel and Sandra serve as missionaries leading Vida Bogota. They have three children: Nicholas, Mateo & Felipe.