Sunday School

One Way

This is a class for “older adults”, although it happily welcomes those both younger and older. Our class motto is Finishing Well. It maintains a flexible schedule of both subject and teachers. Topics are taught by individuals with a particular interest in or knowledge of the subject matter. In addition, we frequently enjoy missionary speakers, class testimonies, socials and trips. A strong sense of community, fellowship and friendship exist in this group.

Meets Sundays at 9:00am, NEB 214
Led by Roy Johnson


We are a group of seniors who meet each Sunday morning to study God’s word and enjoy community with each other. We offer praise through the singing of hymns, share prayer requests and study God’s Word through two teachers or missionary speakers. Social activities are held.

 Meets Sundays at 9:00am, WJB Travertine Room
 Led by Dan Finn